Search Engine

Our SEO implementation team will ensure that your website and social media pages are SEO packed with top monthly organic keywords for your niche. Ensuring that your pages are easily searchable and populate at the top of search engine results pages

Local SEO

Have a local business? Let’s make sure that your local community knows who you are. We’ll ensure that your business appears at the top of search engines when people look up your services. We’ll set up your Google my business, optimize your SEO, and ensure you consistently rank above your competitors.

Ecommerce SEO

Well, help your online business get clicks, drive conversions and increase sales on your website with our optimized SEO strategy. Our strategy includes product optimization, site architecture, enhanced e-commerce analytics, and brand awareness.

Technical SEO

We provide the scalability for marketing success.
SEG will provide backlink analysis, website migrations,
schema markup optimization and image optimization.

SEO Analytics

With the installation of Google tag manager, we will read and analyze Google analytics reports, user behavior data, and drive better performance based on analytical insights.