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Blue Access by Meta: A Look into the New Paid Subscription for Verified Accounts

The parent company of Facebook, and Instagram, Meta, has recently unveiled a new subscription-based service that offers verified badges on its social media platforms. This development is in response to the increasing demand from users who wish to distinguish themselves, and gain recognition for their genuineness on these platforms. 

What’s the new Meta Verified badge? 

The Meta Verified badge is a symbol of authenticity that appears next to select user’s names. For years this badge has been reserved for public figures, and major brands who met the specific criteria. However, now it can be accessible for everyone! You too, can showcase your authority with this verifiable endorsement!

With the new Meta Verified badge subscription, a greater number of users can now easily validate their accounts, and authenticate themselves on Facebook as well as Instagram. This badge provides users with invaluable peace-of-mind by allowing them to distinguish between genuine profiles versus questionable or fraudulent ones – taking certainty in the accuracy of content they find on this platform one step further.

What are the perks of having Meta’s blue badge?

The Meta-verified badge offers a range of amazing benefits to help you stand out online, and protect your digital identity. By being Meta Verified, you’ll get: 

  • An official badge verifying it’s really you
  • Extra protection against impersonators who might attempt to target popular accounts from time to time
  • Exclusive features to express yourself creatively while gaining increased visibility on the platforms which can lead to amazing opportunities to grow
  • Access to a real person for any account issues that may arise along the way

How to get Meta Verified? 

Soon users will have the chance to acquire a sought-after verified badge on their profile by taking advantage of Meta’s new monthly subscription service. Currently, this service will be exclusively available in Australia, and New Zealand starting from the end of February. Users can get a monthly subscription of the service for $11.99 through web browsing, and at $14.99 on iOS and Android devices. As for the eligibility to apply for the service, Meta has prepared a series of advanced screenings before, during, and after each application process:

  • To become eligible, and receive subscription benefits, accounts must have an established posting history, be at least 18 years old
  • To apply for the subscription, go to your profile the select Settings> Account> Request Verification 
  • Provide a valid government ID that matches their profile name, and photo from Facebook or Instagram account they’re applying with
  • Subscriptions will additionally include the invaluable benefit of proactive monitoring for any potential impersonations on your social media account

Will the Meta Verified badge influence Social Media Marketing?

Verifying your brand on Facebook, and Instagram just got easier with Meta Verified! With the introduction of paid subscriptions for obtaining the Meta Verified badge, marketers now have an unparalleled opportunity to unlock credibility, and legitimacy with their followers. As for smaller or newer businesses that may have struggled to get verification in the past, this update could be a game-changer – enabling them to establish trust with consumers like never before. 

Meta’s new move to offer a paid subscription service for verified badges is sure to have a huge impact on the influencer marketing landscape. Brands, and marketers must take into account how this could shift their existing strategies, as those who can afford verification are likely to receive more attention from target audiences than those without it. Ultimately, brands will need an informed social media approach that takes these developments into consideration in order to stay competitive.

An exciting opportunity awaits for creative individuals who possess unique abilities – can now become eligible for Meta Verified, and stand out in the crowd! Will you take on this chance to be verified on social media? 

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